Welcome to Future Worlds Prize
for Fantasy & Science Fiction Writers of Colour

The prize was founded in 2019 by author Ben Aaronovitch, in conjunction with publisher Gollancz, and aims to find the best new talent writing in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

The winner will receive a prize of £4,000, while a runner-up gets a prize of £2,000. All those shortlisted, as well as the runner-up and winner, will receive mentoring from our publishing partners.

Find out more about the prize’s history here. Entries for the 2021 prize has now been closed.

Meet Esmie Jikemi-Pearson, the winner of the inaugural prize

Esmie was the inaugural winner of what is now Future Worlds Prize for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers of Colour, with a space-based adventure story.

Esmie won with her novel The Principle of MomentsThe runner-up was Kyla Jardine for The Reeves’ Guild.

In addition to The Principle of Moments and The Reeves’ Guild, the shortlist consisted of:

  • Blood of the Wolf by Jaya Martin
  • Kali’s Call by Dolly Garland
  • Nowhere more Changeable than the Mortal Heart by Ewen Ma
  • Seeds of Heaven by Victor Ogana
  • The Scent of Cloves by Dan Buchanan
  • The Shape of the World by Amy Borg